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PSE-HAZ is a specialist tool to conduct hazard studies (process hazard assessment), which can be applied from the simplest up to the more intricate facilities, and in the several project development stages.

PSE-HAZ design allow the users to start a study rapidly and conduct it in a systematic, agile, safe, organised, auditable, traceable and manageable manner, generating data and documents that can be handled easily. PSE-HAZ allow us to export the data in any one of four text file formats; allow us to customise the worksheet and printing format according to specific report requirements; allow us the automatic registering of revisions, date and session members.

In the present version, PSE-HAZ cater for 5 hazard studies techniques, namely: HAZOP (hazard and operability study), PHA (preliminary hazard analysis), FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis), HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points), WHAT-IF and CHECK-LIST.

These techniques are supplementary and can be applied to the same facility, system or concerned part, depending on the circumstances or project development stage. Such diverse circumstances or stages could be, for instance: (1) Existing and well documented plant; (2) Existing plant, but with poor documentation; (3) Conceptual or front end design; (4) A piece of equipment or a manufacturing section is to be assessed; (5) Detailed engineering; (6) Plant Modification; (7) Process under research and development; etc…