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Hazard assessment

Training Objectives

Provide a basic training in the main hazard assessment techniques, for professionals who work in the chemical, petrochemical and process sectors; showing its usefulness for the effective safety management, both in existing plants and new projects.

Training Subjects

• Introduction and history
• Terminology and basic parameters
• Importance of the assessment for safety management and industrial planning
• Identification techniques based on experience, analytical techniques and creative techniques:

1. Compatibility study
2. Historical analysis of accidents
3. Preliminary hazard analysis (PHA)
4. Hazard and operability study (HAZOP)
5. Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA)
6. What-if
7. Checklist
8. Six stage hazard study
9. Mond Index and Dow Index
10. Rapid ranking
11. Hazard analysis and the critical control point (HACCP)

• Assessment preparation and application during the project lifetime
• Documentation or required conditions
• Methodology for various process types (continuous, batch, computerized, etc.)
• Registering the study
• Post-study activities
• Computerized report systems
• Difficulties in applying the techniques
• Legal framework
• Use of specialized external services